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Other Dairy ProductsOther dairy products we supply include nonfat and whole dry milk powders, buttermilk powders, yogurt powders, cream cheese powders, cultured dairy powders, and acidified dairy powders.


Food powders and ingredients are our strength but it’s not all we do. As a major dairy processor in Kentucky, we also have the ability to ship bulk condensed skim milk as well as liquid cream and more.


These standard commodities are used in many applications. Our nonfat powders are available in either high heat or low heat. We can offer our milk powders in various particle sizes from very fine to granular or flakes. One pound of our nonfat or whole milk powders can replace about 10 lbs of fluid milk.

Buttermilk powders are found in two main varieties. Sweet buttermilk can be dried straight from the churn. It has a clean flavor and a wide range of applications. Our cultured buttermilk has a sharper, more intense flavor. They can be customized to meet different specifications for pH and acidity and have flavors that can vary greatly from mild to very bold and full flavored. If you are looking for a pucker factor look into our cultured buttermilk powders.

Few things can have as healthful of an image as yogurt. With beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals, our yogurt powders can enrich any product. The benefits using yogurt and yogurt powders are recognized by consumers. One pound of yogurt powder can replace 10 lbs of yogurt.