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Specialty Powder ProductsOur specialty products can be divided into four main categories: citrus, whipped topping, emulsifiers, and cloud agents.


The citrus powders include lemon, lime, orange, and pinapple powder.


The whipped topping is a snap. Add a little powder, a little sugar, some added flavor, cold water, and whip. It's ready in minutes and very tasty.


Emulsifiers are used in so many applications. Whether you want better mouthfeel or more even crumb structure in baked bread we have what you need.


Our cloud agents are either titanium doxide or oil based. Applicable to the beverage industry, this product adds a pleasing look to any drink.


From exotic fruits to experimental cutting edge emulsifiers, if you have a need for specialty powder let us know. Our pilot lab and test kitchen are ready to work for you. We will operate as an extension of your team. With our ability to work with small batches, we can identify the ingredient you are seeking.


If you have other questions about our custom products and formulations then check out our research and development page or contact us at our Springfield facility (1-877-336-7643). (if you have trouble viewing any of the lists, please disable any pop-up blockers within your browser).